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Idol 2012   If only she was insignificant like the grit my tires tread carelessly up in the parking lot after another session, because then, I could displace all the ifs before I arrive home. But she is spinning muddied in the wheels of my mind.   Disconnected but ritualistic driving. I am wavering towards empty remembering the nights I lay awake with her. My body



Dear illness, Last night I dreamt in a revolution of colours; Yellow sunflowers reaching for the sky. Today, as I rolled over to the dark rising, I remember you thought, “I can’t do another day of this apathetic pain”, yet here we are! This morning, as I placed paper on my desk, memories surfaced of innocent warm sheets in the springtime breeze. I sat back


The Perfect Clouds

Dear illness, You always thought people were your downfall. That strength came from you and you alone, and when you didn’t have strength, there was nothing you could do but break and rot into nothingness. But you know what I learned in your absence? Sometimes people can be your strength, your roots, grounding you when you cannot flourish on your own. He was your

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