I have always loved doing commissions, for me it is a unique merging of ideas between myself and my client to create a one of a kind work. I will work with you by helping you decide the size, theme, colours and take photographs/videos along the way, so you are immersed in the creation process. While the bulk of my commissions are abstract in nature. I have also created unique surreal portrait commissions.(contact me for pricing)

For sizing, I suggest clients to use painters tape to mark the desired size on their wall. If you are local I can do that for you. For unique sizes, extra charges may apply.

  • 16″x20″ $400
  • 20″x20″ $425
  • 18″x24″ $475
  • 24″x24″ $500
  • 24″x36″ $550
  • 30″x30″ $550
  • 30″x40″ $650
  • 36″x36″ $700
  • 24″x48″ $750
  • 48″x48″ $1500


I began teaching in 2017. It’s not something I ever expected I would do, but life has its twists and turns and sometimes the things we least expect to be doing have a way of enriching our life. Teaching has enhanced my life more than I could have possibly imagined! I have worked with individuals who each have their own unique story and have witnessed art foster, self-esteem and self worth. While art enriches life, I believe finding who you are within your work is even more valuable.

I have been an artist for the last 20-plus years, and art has been my constant, unique visual voice. As a teacher, I like to support you to create your own exclusive style and visual expression. I primarily teach the art of colour and expression. The themes within those I teach are; The art of abstract, art journaling, surreal art and expressionistic scenes.

My home teaching studio is located on the Hamilton East Mountain. My rates are $30 an hour plus supplies. Instruction is also available at your home, groups or as an outreach instructor. Contact me if you would like to start creating!