Today, I had the privilege to teach 66 kindergarten students through the DVSA Art Connection Program (Sense of Self)

My main objective with teaching is to create a dialogue of well-being through the art-making process.

So today, we created the “I Am” mixed medium project tailored to their skill sets, using a crayon resist technique.

Before we began, I showed them what we would create and explained our project.

I said “Who is Brave?” All hands went up.

“Who is strong?” Again, all hands went up and some flexed their muscles.

“Who is smart?” Again, excited waves in the air.

“Who is kind?” Little hands went up again, and some told me the kind things they do.

Finally, I said “Who is loved?” Again, all hands went up. I explained it is nice when others love us, but it is so important to love yourself, too.

I’ve had the opportunity to engage in this activity with various groups, across different ages and demographics, and what I’ve observed is that children always manage to uncover something positive, whereas adults often struggle.

Making art with positive affirmations is essential not only for ourselves, but also for how we present ourselves in this world.

Because to create change, it has to start from within first.